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07.+08.November 2019

European IP Forum 2019

Venue: Munich

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14.+15.November 2019

PAFA congress

Venue: Mainz

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25.+26.November 2019

IP Service World 2019

Venue: Munich

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06.May 2020

XPAT Usermeeting 2020 (preliminary)

Venue: Kleinblittersdorf

We want to invite you. On our yearly event will present new features of XPAT...

17.-19.June 2020

PatInfo 2020

We are exhibiting at this event. If you want to have a certain meeting, please contact us. We will have a workshop at PATON on Wednesday, 17th.

Venue: Ilmenau


XPAT Trainings 2018/2019

Venue: Kleinblittersdorf

In blocks of two days, we have XPAT - XPAT File (Akte) - and XPAT on Administration training. The days are discounted individually or bookable together. The following dates are fixed:
October 22nd + 23rd 2019
3rd + 4th February 2020
12th + 13th May 2020
13th +14 th Oktober 2020
In addition, you can request to us with the known conditions and for a training course at your site.